Scheduling (squared) Notes

Yes, this is about my schedule to talk about scheduling.

1. CHANGED!! NOW SCHEDULED FOR THURSDAY, JUNE 11, AT 2:00 PM US East Coast Time!  (Was  scheduled for Wednesday, June 10th). I will be interviewed on radio by Elaine Jackson of HolisticPMC on the topic of “Financial Success of Projects using the Critical Path Drag Method.” Elaine is the possessor of a sharp intellect who I am assuming will ask some great questions.

The interview can be found by tuning in here, and listeners can call in to the host at (US) 718-508-9748.

2. A week from today, Tuesday, June 16th, I will be at the Fairview Park Marriott in Falls Church, Virginia, at 5:30 pm to make a presentation for the PMIWDC Chapter in its continuing series on PM Tools.

My presentation is titled Managing Projects as Investments: The Benefits of Computing Critical Path Drag and Drag Cost. You can find details here.

3. My third note is just to point out a very interesting thread started by Thomas Boyle over in the Software Discussion FORUM. Apparently Mr. Boyle has enhanced his company’s software tool called BPC Logic Filter, an add-on to Microsoft Project, so that it computes critical path drag. Of course, this is very exciting to me because all PM software should have the functionality to compute this critical(!) schedule analysis metric.

Mr.Boyle is asking for input. If you use MS Project and would like to be able to compute drag, post a comment over there.

I hope to post another article later today.

Fraternally in project management,

Steve the Bajan

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