Blake Sedore Blog on Drag Cost: Applying Critical Path Drag in Manufacturing

The first-ever Guest Blog is now up at the Total Project Control website, available for reading and discussion. It is by Blake Sedore, the manufacturing engineer whose recently published MIT thesis on using critical path drag analysis to accelerate semiconductor production and increase throughput has received a ton of attention. You can click on the Guest Blog here, and also make comments or ask questions of Mr. Sedore in the discussion FORUM on this site.

In this Guest Blog, Mr. Sedore explores the experience both for himself and his customer of recognizing the opportunities for improvement pointed about by the drag analysis:

“The results of my project were quite eye opening, both for me and for my client, and I believe that this effort shows that the critical path method and critical path drag have a strong application to the manufacturing industry.”

And he goes on to write:

“I have come to realize that the analysis has the potential to go much further. MUCH FURTHER. The analysis does not end with calculating the critical path drag – this is actually just the beginning. The drag is merely a stepping stone to get to drag cost, which is the metric that truly matters, as it allows you to determine the impact that the drag of a critical path item has on the bottom line.”

And he goes on to discuss how the drag cost savings opportunity offered by reducing Work in Progress:

“And in manufacturing, when you repeat the process again, and again, and again, and again, and again…that drag cost is going to add up. BIG TIME.”

Mr. Sedore’s thesis article  “Assembly lead time reduction in a semiconductor capital equipment plant through constraint based scheduling” can be downloaded from the MIT website here.

Read his entire Guest Blog and post questions for him in the FORUM thread.

Fraternally in project management,

Steve the Bajan

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