June Issue of PMI’s PM Network Magazine: Great Review of Managing Projects as Investments

Earlier today I decided to Google the title of my book Managing Projects as Investments: Earned Value to Business Value. I was delighted to discover that Gary Heerkens has written a great review of it in the June issue of PM Network in his “The Business of Projects” column.

PM Network June cover

In my previous blog article, I summarized a series of previous articles on critical path drag in the following way:

Critical path drag is not, in my opinion, the most valuable innovation that I have included in my books Managing Projects as Investments and Total Project Control. I think the focus in those books on defining and planning projects as investments and then tracking them in scope/cost/schedule integrated fashion through the DIPP and the DPI indexes is what can take project management, and the project manager role, to the next level of professionalism.”

So I am delighted that Mr. Heerkens’s review is so positive despite not even mentioning critical path drag! One paragraph from his article reads:

“Mr. Devaux’s strong points from his book clearly show that there is a wide variety of ways that sound, business-based decision-making can be brought to bear on the way we manage project implementations. One of the many insightful passages that truly captures the spirit of the book is this: Even though their final value might not be revealed for a long time after the initial investment is made, projects should always be managed in such a way as to maximize their expected return.”

But read the whole article. The Google link locates it here. Or if you receive PM Network magazine in the mail, it’s on page 70.

And if you have any comments or questions, please click here to go to the thread in the Discussion Forum.

Fraternally in project management,

Steve the Bajan

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