Stormy Weather

I’m teaching this week in UMass/Lowell’s Executive Education Project Management Certificate Program. Great students, very bright and motivated, but the result is that I probably won’t have time for a full blog article this weekend.

However, I had decided to write a brief article at the formal start of the Atlantic hurricane season (June 1) referencing the fact that it is likely that some city or country will be devastated in the coming months and that, unfortunately, emergency response that specifically uses PM techniques such as critical path analysis and drag, drag cost in human lives saved, and resource leveling will not have been planned and optimized in advance by the relevant governments and organizations.

Hurricane damage

This morning I read that the first named storm of the season, Ana, has formed off the Carolina coast, three weeks before the formal start of the season. I hope that this is not a sign of a coming season of extensive lethality. But meanwhile, I would urge all readers interested in either critical path analysis and/or emergency response to read this chapter linked on my webpage “Time Is a Murderer: The Cost of Critical Path Drag in Emergency Response” that  I wrote for the CRC Press’s 2013 Emergency Response Handbook. The article is written with a Bay Area earthquake response in mind, but the planning process should be little different for a hurricane, tsunami, volcano, epidemic or any other catastrophe. And it demonstrates the practical use of the critical path drag metric in optimizing any project schedule.

And alas, these techniques are substantially unknown in emergency response planning.

Fraternally in project management,

Steve the Bajan

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