New paper on drag just published in Portuguese

I was not able to publish any articles or puzzlers this week due to having been summoned to teach at UMass Lowell at the last minute. The father of one of my colleagues passed away on Wednesday and so I had to fill in Wednesnight through Friday. The students were great and, as usual at UMass Lowell, the experience was entirely positive — but it did prevent me from posting any articles.

However, I can point readers from Brazil (and Portugal) to a new article on critical path drag that I wrote at Peter Mello’s invitation for publication in the Mundo Project Management blog. It is titled “A Importância das novas métricas “Drag” e o “Custo Drag” na Análise do Caminho Crítico” (Peter was kind enough to translate it into Portuguese).

I hope to have the English version up on this site within the next couple of days — but it’s just possible that Peter’s version is so much better than mine that English readers would be better off with this Google Portuguese-to-English translation of his version!

Meanwhile, I hope my Portuguese-reading friends enjoy the article. And that most readers are in places that are warmer than here in Massachusetts! We’re also due for another 3 to 6 inches of snow Sunnight into Monday, which should break our all-time record for a winter with all of March still to go.

Fraternally in project management,

Steve the Bajan

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